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Post by Felix "Snow" Vinter on Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:32 am

Snow was sitting at his desk with Cryo on his lap, petting him. Lerianna came into his tent. "Come on Snowy. We got to go hunting." She said to him. "Alright, duty calls, Cryo." He said as he placed Cryo on the table before leaving the tent with Lerianna. Cryo then crawled off the table and went out of the tent and watched as Lerianna and Snow left the camp. He liked to see them off. He then began to do his rounds around the camp, as he did whenever Snow wasn't around. He went into the cooks tent and nudged his leg. The cook looked down and smiled at the spider. "Hey there Cryo, Hungry?" He asked as he took a small dish of blood from the counter and placed it on the ground. Cryo looked at it then at the cook. "Oh right sorry." The cook said before placing a little umbrella in it. Cryo did his variation of a smile before drinking it up. The cook laughed at him. "I've never seen an insect with as much taste as you." He said before Cryo left the tent. Cryo went a variety of other places. The tailor, the blacksmith (Where he stepped on a coal and froze the hammer to the anvil with his webbing out of anger.), and then he decided to leave the camp. He wandered about outside before he found a giant bee that buzzed around above him. It tried to divebomb him but he was such a small target that all it hit was dirt. He quickly crawled up it's back and stuck his Chelicera (Those black hooks by the mouth) into it's neck, causing it's insides to freeze. He then wrapped his kill with Icy silk in the manner that his species did with their food, before trying to drag it back to camp, but quit when he realized it was too heavy. He then decided to return to the camp, where he started to play with the kids for about an hour before he decided to return to Snow's tent and he fell asleep. He awoke to Snow's hands around his body. "Right where I left you buddy." He said with a chuckle. "Such a lazy spider, What did you do all day?" Lerianna asked him as she stretched. Snow laughed. "Not much he could do, he probably just slept." Snow answered for him. Cryo just rubbed his head with his pedipalp. He did all that everyday when Snow was out hunting.
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