Cryo the Ice Spider

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Cryo the Ice Spider Empty Cryo the Ice Spider

Post by Felix "Snow" Vinter on Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:15 pm

Name: Cryo

Type: Spider

Personality: He loves to scare people, especially Lerianna, but is mostly friendly.

Where obtained: I found him in the wastelands. He was just roaming looking for something to eat. he began to feed on my blood which caused him to obtain ice properties, and he has been by my side ever since.

Likes: Giant Bee Blood, but will drink any blood besides humans.

Dislikes: When Lerianna throws fireballs at him.

Description: A small blue spider the size of a tarantula and small ice crystals running down it's back. Has a mark on it's abdomen similar to Snow's tattoo.
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