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Description:white hair,usaully wearing a blue and red jacket boots and jeans or nothong on my upper body.i also almost always have my right arm bandaged up so no one can see my mutated arm until i use its abilities. im usually im carrying one or more swords that i know how to use expertly.

Right arm description:my right arm is based of a Demon so its red skinned with blue crystal like lines on it that lead to the hand which is that same blue crystal

Abilities:my right arm is indestructible and cant be can also absorb other abilities and use them.when i havent absorbed an ability i can make a giant version of my arm appear and copy the movements of my arm,increasing attack and defense.

Hometown:new washington research laboratories

History:After the bombs hit,scientists discovered that the radiation has made a very rare, living chemical that when absorbed by a child, (and if the child survives)will mutate the childs right arm into some form of creature from real and mythalogical history.Saber and his brother were the first to be tested on when they were only 5,by their own father.the chemical sensed the anger in the childs future and choose one of histories most feared creatures, a Demon.after tge scientists thought the kids had died from the tests they dumped the bodies into the wasteland not realizing that we were still alive.we awoke to these mutants fighting over who gets to eat us.i picked up a sharp peice of metal and tried fighting one of them to defend my brother but they quickly overcame me.i thought i was done for when i heard a low dark voice telling my to let it fight.not having anyother choice i let it.a huge arm that looked like mine appeared next to me as i swung out at one of the hit the mutant and crushed it instantly.i quickly took care of them all after that.that was 11 years we're 16 and are in charge of the stranded kids who have been left behind to fight for themselves in the wasteland with there mutated arms. me and my brother are now the leaders of this new generation of kids who have been inhanced with the powers like mine.we will lead these kids out of the waste land and take over the remaining cities, we will show the sick twisted leaders of the "new" world the future generation.we will show them the Sons of Chaos!

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