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Description:5'11. White. Bald. Dark Goggles. Black Bullet proof tank-top. Black pants. Dual knives

Abilities:Produce bone from anywhere up to 7 feet. Create projectiles and detachable weapons. Can fix any broken bone in me or other peaple I deem worthy.

Hometown:Finley New WA.

History:I was just a punk kid when the bombs hit. I was in an out of state museum on a field trip with my school. I had decent grades, moderately popular... All the kids with me were killed instantly. But for some reason I survived. When I woke up I was confused and scared. I thought my arm was mangled. Their was bone protruding from it, all pointing to my shoulder... I felt no pain and I could fully move it. I then realized all the dinosours were alive. I was scared and I destroyed all of the dinosours in one blast of anger. That was 9 years ago. I am now 22 and controling my powers. I can now control all bone within 7 feet of me.

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